Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kids and Creativity

Day 8 Challenge:  KIDS

Today I am going to brag on my kids a little bit.  Then I have some fun kids activity ideas below.  Before I do that, let me show you what my boys created.

The first one is from my 14 year old.  He was eating my candy (little thief) and decided that he could make something from the case.  The candy container already had a large opening and a small one.  You've probably seen them labeled as "To Share" and "Not to Share".  He wanted the lids for both sides to fit together so he cut a slit in the larger side.  Then they could attach together.

Here is the end result.  A cell phone holder.  

He found flaws in his design, but I love it when he tries something.  I think it's the best way to learn what will work and what won't.  Don't you?  Anyway . . . I thought he was pretty clever.

My 11 year old decided he wanted to craft with me today.  That isn't normal, but I was thrilled since the theme for today was Kids.  I wasn't able to gather materials for the craft he wanted to do so I convinced him to help me make a bracelet.  I'm new to the jewelry making thing, but the designing is fun.

Here is his creation.  I thought he did well.

I think it is fun to see how each of us show our creativity in different ways.  My 11 year old likes to make up songs (like his mom).  They are silly songs but they make me smile.  I would have been in deep trouble if I had posted that so the bracelet is his contribution for this topic.  

Now for some creative ideas I found on Pinterest.  Some parents just have the best ideas.  I wish I had thought of some of them when my guys were younger, but I think they would still enjoy some of them. Maybe you would enjoy them as well.  Each photo should take you to my "pin" on Pinterest which will then lead you to the source.  

What kind of creative things have you done with your kids or grandkids?  Share them in the comments below.


  1. Hi Linda, love the Pinterest board. I've found something for my girls, the 'quite bins'. Thanks for sharing.

    Love your sons cell phone holder. :)

    1. Glad you found something for your girls. I'm always amazed at the ideas that other people can come up with.