Friday, July 27, 2012

My New Space

In my last blog, I told you about my need for a workspace.  Remember that great idea that I promised I would reveal today?  Here it is . . . .

My Idea 

At my hubby's farm there is this barn (well, actually an old chicken coop) that is now used for storage.    

I thought it would be really great if I could use a section of the building for my stuff and create a workspace as well.  This would give me shelter from the weather and the stuff would be out of my way and I have plenty of space to work.  That's my philosophy anyway.

Popping the Question

On Saturday I had been out to yard sales and was able to snatch up an old bed with an old bed spring, a porta-crib, and an old cot kind of thing with springs (see a theme?).  There was no way these were going in my house or garage, so I called my man and asked if I could put these babies in that building.  We had already stored the old windows and doors from our cabin in here so I figured these could fit beside them.  He agreed, but not without a sigh (remember - he isn't a fan of my junk).

While he is helping me get this stuff in there, I asked him about using some space here for storage and possibly a workshop instead of trying to find a shed for the backyard.  He agreed.  No sigh.  No hesitation.  Just a "sure".  I almost floated to the car.  I was so excited!


Now that I have the permission, I have to start the preparation.  This place was moved out of about 30 years ago.  Some of the original feeders and such are still in the building.

The ceiling above is simply the 3rd level's tongue and groove wood floor.  There is still sawdust on that floor which seems to seep down through the cracks (even though I can't see them) and get caught on little cobwebs that you wouldn't see if it weren't for the sawdust.  Did you ever see what cobwebs mixed with sawdust looks like when it's hanging from the ceiling?  They were everywhere.  At night it could probably look creepy. That's why I'll stick with going there in the daylight.

Ok.  Moving on.  I chose the back section of the 2nd floor.  It was in need of a good scrub. On Wednesday, I took a broom and swept the ceiling, walls, windows and floor.  I was thinking I wanted to use the entire back section, but there was a rather large hornet flying around the center window.  I decided I would leave him alone and so I cleaned from the left side of that center window and around the corner to the big feed box on the left side.  Well, actually, I cleaned up to the edge of the window that is against that box.  You see, flying around THAT window was a yellow jacket.  I guess you could say I allowed the stinging insects to determine my space.  I definitely wasn't going to invade theirs.  I didn't see any type of nest anywhere so I think they were just hanging out for the afternoon and I'm hoping they are gone when I return.  In the meantime, I think I have enough space to start.    

Here's more of the space.  One of the reasons I chose the second floor is because it has more natural light than the third floor, however, I don't remember it being as bright as the photo below makes it appear.  I think I used my flash that time.  Still, there is more natural light on this floor and natural light is always nice.

These are the stairs and doorway leading to my workspace.  Let me tell you something about me.  I'm a bit of a girly girl.  I very rarely wear sneakers - or flats.  I have two pair of flats and they are flip flops.  The rest of my shoes have at least a 2 inch heel.  I usually have NO problem at all going anywhere in any of my shoes.  Let me tell you something about these steps.  You have to remember that this place was built a very long time ago and it was built for farmers.  Farmers fear nothing (at least that is the case with mine).  Being that I am not, nor ever was, a farm girl, I have a few fears.  Steps with no railing make me nervous.  If you add flip flops or heels to the equation, I am more than a little nervous.  Maybe when I was younger, but now I think I will just get used to wearing sneakers more often.  I'm just glad it isn't a ladder.  

So that is my space.  Soon I will be moving things into the space and hope to start creating again.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Next week I hope to show you what I've been doing to a couple of patio chairs.

P.S. - In future posts, my goal is to share the tea I'm enjoying.  I have a mug by me all of the time and thought it would be fun to share it with you.  Today I just steeped the last I had of Pomegranate Delight by Twinings.  It is probably one of my favorite fruit infused teas to date so I should probably purchase another box.  It even smells delicious.  What is your beverage of choice at the moment?

Thanks for visiting with me.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Space Wanted

Small Problem

I've really caught the repurposing bug.  I am finding that I am much better at collecting the items to repurpose or just fix up than I am at the repurposing and fixing up part.  I have very good reasons though.

Reason 1

I'm a little afraid that I'm going to mess it up.  What if I make it worse than it is?
Just a few of my future projects

Reason 2

For a few things, I can't decide what color to paint them or what to turn them into.  Sometimes making a decision is really hard for me.

Seriously.  I can't decide on a color.

Reason 3

I really don't know where to work.  I have no workshop.  I usually work on things outside but when it is hot, humid or just plain rainy - that doesn't work so well.  I have a 2 car garage but my hubby really feels that a garage is for cars and not projects so moving the cars outside it out of the question. :)  I'm not complaining about his philosophy, though.  I really do like the shelter of the garage on a rainy grocery day.

Reason 4

My collecting is making me feel a little overwhelmed.  They need their own place - or I need to stop collecting them.  Yeah, who am I kidding?  These things need a home!  That's easier than passing up that cool freebie along the road - or not buy the "coolest thing ever" at a yard sale.

Reason 5

I can't feel creative when I'm feeling claustrophobic.  Simple as that.  

The mess I make when I'm working on projects <sigh>

A Possible Solution

We've thought about adding a shed to the back yard but they are expensive and I'm not sure that I want another shed IN my yard.  The other night, I had an idea.  It seemed brilliant - but I had to ask my hubby.  He's not a big fan of my junk collection so I didn't know how it would go.  Saturday seemed like a good day to ask.  He agreed!  I'm getting a new space for my stuff!

I'm going to save the details for the next blog.  I need to get it started and grab photos.  How does Friday sound?