Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1: I Am (May Creativity Challenge)

I AM.  That is the challenge for today.  As I think about that, a lot of ideas pop into my head.


a daughter, sister, wife, mom and friend.

But that's a little generic.  It defines most of us, right?

So - how about jobs & hobbies . . . .


an image & skin care consultant, blogger, crafter, homemaker, drama director, Miss Fit Inn founder and leader, a tea drinker (you know I had to add that)

That's a little better.  It would describe me a bit better.

However, it still doesn't let you get to know ME.


thoughtful ~ caring ~ quiet (until I get to know you) ~ talkative (when I get to know you) ~ silly sometimes ~ serious a lot of times ~ full of ideas (some are good - some aren't)

BUT - I also have an identity in Christ.


a sinner who has been saved by God's unfailing grace.


a work in progress.  

My Heavenly Father is chipping away to make me who He wants me to be ~ as I allow Him to.  Sometimes that is a difficult process, but I know it will be worth it.


part of God's creation. 

part of His plan.

here for His purpose.

continuously seeking out what that is. :)

Your turn.  Finish this sentence and comment at the bottom of this post:  "I Am . . . "

Some links:

While thinking about this challenge, I decided to do a little searching online for other interesting things relating to this topic.  I learned that there was a movie called I Am.  It's now available on DVD or Netflix.  Check it out here.

Some songs entitled "I Am"


  1. Right now I need to start from I AM Rachel Shetterly, female. I am learning to strip away the roles (wife, mother, caregiver, etc.) and learn to like/love me for me. :) Great post!

    1. Amy Grant has a song called "Hats" where she expresses all of the roles we have as women. She says "What am I supposed to do!?" Sometimes that is exactly how we feel. You are right. We often lose our identity under all of those roles. Thanks for stopping in to read my blog today and, especially, thanks for sharing.

  2. I AM so with you on a lot of points! :)
    I also said I was "a work in progress". Thanks for adding the songs, I'm listening to Nicole C Mullen as I type this.

    Well done Linda. Thanks for sharing!

    And Rachel, I know what you mean about stripping away the roles. {I tried to keep my roles out of my entry, but 2 of them sneaked in! Oh well!}