Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Creative Thinking for Free Items

The challenge today is to be creative with something free.  Free, to me, is something that I would otherwise throw away.  Some examples of items would be tubes from empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, soup cans or spaghetti sauce jars.

I've been saving my spaghetti sauce and pickle jars lately.  I've had several plastic food storage container ruined because my family doesn't understand that some things are not microwavable.  Sometimes you learn that it is easier to adjust to their habits than it is to change them.  So - I'm selling my plastic food storage and replacing them with glass jars that can be put in the freezer, refrigerator and microwave without an issue.  I have a small kitchen and storage has always been an issue.  I'm hoping the glass jars will be easier to store as well.  Only time will tell, but that is my FREE solution to leftover food storage.

You can also find wooden pallets for free.  I've seen the neatest things build from wooden pallets.  you'll see ideas all over my Pinterest account.

I like this for my cabin: 

And this could be neat for my house:

It's a sofa table made from a pallet.  

How about the blown light bulb you were ready to pitch?  Have you seen the cool things you can do with them?

What about things that are in your yard?  Twigs from a tree.  Flowers.  Even fruits and vegetables can make a pretty display on the table and brighten up a room.  If they are from your garden . . . they are practically free and having healthy food out on display will help you remember to eat it before it spoils. At least . . . in my case . . .  that works better.

Last year, I got some great finds during a post yard sale drive.  Many people put their unsold, unwanted things out for free.  Here are a few items I snatched up.  A baby crib and a metal headboard/footboard.  They are still waiting for me to get them out and get to work.  I'm thinking about a bench from the metal headboard.

I also got these chairs for free when some friends were cleaning out a rental property.  

There are four of them.  I think they have potential.  The question always is . . . paint or stain?

So what can you make with all of these free items?  A while ago I created a Pinterest Board called "Repurposed:  Trash to Practical".  It has some interesting ideas for things you would normally just toss.  My "Craft Ideas" Board has a few ideas as well.

I hope the boards give you a little inspiration.

Remember -- you are only limited by your own imagination.  The more you use that imagination . . . the stronger it will become.

Where has your imagination taken you with free objects?  Share by commenting below.

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  1. It's nice to hear and see how your imagination has grown since you were little.