Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Popcorn Bunny - Our Family's Strange Tradition of Re-gifting

The other week I was making dinner and, as I pulled the biscuits out of the oven, I noticed one of them had a shape like a chick.  I thought so anyway.

"Chicken Biscuit"

It reminded me of an old family tradition that began many years ago by my grandmother.

It all started with popcorn.

My grandmother was visiting our house and, as we were enjoying popcorn, she saw one that she thought resembled that of a bunny.  I don't remember who saved it . . . but that Christmas . . . it ended up boxed, gift wrapped - and under the tree.

That popcorn was re-gifted back and forth for many years between my mother and my grandmother.  It always resulted in a lot of laughter and, of course, created fond memories.  When my grandmother and mother laugh, it can become an uncontrollable laughter that requires kleenex.  That was usually the case on those Christmas mornings that Popcorn Bunny showed up.  You didn't even have to see what was in the package . . . the immediate laughter that started was the only clue you needed.

We've all grown now and my grandmother and mother have both moved several times since the first time Popcorn Bunny showed up at Christmas.  There are now many, many miles between us and so Popcorn Bunny is not seen as much as he once was, but he is in MY possession now and no longer resembles anything close to a bunny.  Popcorn Bunny is (no lie) about 30 years old.  It barely looks like popcorn anymore, but it still brings back the memory and laughter of years ago when we first discovered Grandma's incredible imagination.

I thought about saving Chicken Biscuit but I wasn't quite sure how to preserve him for any new gifting.  I put it on my husband's plate at dinner that night and, not having grown up with my crazy family tradition, he consumed Chicken Biscuit without any thought to future Christmas gift exchanges.

That leaves me to figuring how a way to continue the tradition of re-gifting.  Popcorn Bunny will probably need to retire.  I'm sure you would agree that he's looking rather pathetic (see photo below).

"Popcorn Bunny" has seen better days.
Maybe I need to pop more popcorn.

What about you?  Do you have a strange family tradition that brings a smile to your face - or even a bit of laughter?

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