Saturday, March 16, 2013

Going Once, Twice . . . SOLD

It's become an annual tradition.  The flyers begin to show up in the church mailbox sometime in January asking for the crafty and talented to start working on their projects for this anticipated, enjoyable event.  It's called the Arts & Crafts Auction.  We often just simply call it "The Church Auction".

There is a large variety of items for sale.  Here are a few blankets.  It is interesting to see how things change.  We used to have several quilts and crocheted or knitted blankets.  As new craft ideas and fabrics are introduced, there are new items at the sale.  These fleece blankets have become a popular auction item over the past few years.

I found a few items that I believe may have been Pinterest inspired.


Both of these items sold quite well at the auction.  Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?  So many fun ideas.

There are a few woodworkers who bring their beautiful work every year.

This clock was one of several items from an area business that makes beautiful handcrafted furniture as well.

 This shelf was made by a man who always enjoyed woodworking as a hobby.

Here it is from the side.  I love that it is a shelf, it's deep AND it has a plate rack and pegs.  Everything I like in one piece.  It, however, exceeded my budget this year.

There was a couple who were faithful to donate items to the auction every year.  He made canes and they also donated coins.  One year, they added something extra.  They were celebrating a significant anniversary and decided to celebrate that at the auction.  Up for bid was - an anniversary kiss between the couple.  Being such a unique item to bid, there was a lot of bidding on that.  When the bidding was over, they kissed at the auction.  I don't recall what that kiss was worth, but it is a memory that will be cherished by many.  They were two people that meant quite a lot to many members of our church.

They have both gone to their heavenly home and there are no more Erdman Bowders canes being made.  These canes, however, are his canes.  They had been purchased at a previous auction and the winning bidder decided to bring them back for another bidder to enjoy.  Everyone loves to see these items from the past come back.  It certainly brings back fond memories.

 I took a close up photo of the clock cane.  I love the detail.

I thought this Meal Planning Binder was a great idea.

 Inside was a monthly menu plan

And then all of the recipes for the items on the menu.

Our area just lost a local business that was cherished by many.  Manufacturing ended a week ago and grocery store shelves were cleared quickly by those who love Gibbles.  The cheese puffy seems to be what will be missed most.  Some clever people knew that a beloved, discontinued product could be a hot seller at the auction, so they created this basket.

 Here are some other creative ideas.  Sometimes the item up for auction isn't a product that can be provided the day of the auction.  These are a few examples of those types of things.

This is a jar of chicken dry rub.  This is a homemade recipe that was used for the chicken at our annual church picnic.  The chef decided to bottle it for auction.

Other foods are sold at the auction as well.  There is always beef or deer jerky, a personal favorite of my son and husband.  I also saw canned Chow Chow, Lime Pickles and a pie that I believe is called Dried Apple Snitz Pie.  Even though I've been in PA Dutch Country for almost 20 years . . . I'm still learning of PA Dutch foods.  I can't be sure if I have that name right.  Maybe someone more familiar with these will correct me.

Here is a peep bouquet.  I've seen this on Pinterest as well.  The reason I didn't put it in the Pinterest category is because the person who made it has done it in previous auctions and the beginning of this tradition may pre-date Pinterest.  No matter where the idea came from . . . it's a fun one.

Some of our members are Direct Selling Consultants.  Their gift is to share their products and they do so for the auction as well.  

Some have the gift of shopping.   They find something they love and share it by donating it to the auction.  I absolutely LOVED this pottery.

But this bowl . . . . oh my.  LOVE . . . LOVE . . .  LOVE it.

I loved it so much . . . I took a picture from another viewpoint.  This is what it looks like to a toddler.  Still beautiful.

You could even bid on homemade laundry soap.

There is always jewelry.  This year there was a fun variety.   

I thought this one was pretty so I took a closer photo of it.  It's probably a good representation of my taste.  I don't remember seeing it sell.  I must have been distracted with talking.  Did I mention that there is probably more fellowship at this auction than there is bidding?  

This ring was one of the pieces made by the daughter of a friend of mine.  She is taking jewelry making classes and this year is learning to work with metal.  This is a nickel ring.

This is copper.  I won the bid on this one.  

Now . . . this little guy was fun.  I got to watch it's progress on Facebook.  He won the hearts of many and sold for a pretty price tag.  I know that the one who worked so hard on it was pleased to know that others loved it so much.  The girl who crafted this little Minion is in the 10th grade.  Can you hear him singing?  Ba ba ba ba ba na na . . . potato oh oh.

Here are some aprons.  One for daughter and one for mother.

The mother's apron is reversible.  How fun!

My boys enjoy going to the auction for the food.  It's the only auction in town I can get them to attend.  I guess the other are lacking friends, fun and a menu like the church auctions.  You can choose from a Country Ham Sandwich, Hot Dog, Chili, Ham & Bean Soup and more.  We can't forget the candy and baked goods.  I enjoy the pies.  I enjoyed this pie very, very much.

It is so fun to see the talents of our church members during the auction.  While there are quite a few that may not be able to knit, quilt, sew or do woodworking, they still have a gift and a passion for something that we can also benefit from.  I hope you enjoyed the crafts via blog land.

Oh, yes!  You would probably like to know what the fundraising was for.  Usually it is for a building project, but our church is not building anything at the moment.  Instead, the money raised at the auction is going to send members of our church youth group on a missions trip this summer.  Many of our youth went last year and found that the need at that location is great and they developed a love for this group of people that had them feeling that they needed to go back.  It's an expensive trip and normally not something that could be done two years in a row like this.  This auction was able to give their fundraising efforts a huge boost.

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