Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Embracing a New Year

Happy New Year!  If you are like me, you are wondering how we got here already.  Time certainly does fly, doesn't it?  

I'm normally not much of a New Year's Resolution maker, but I decided to try something new this year.  One reason I struggle with resolutions is because they often too general and hard to measure.  We say we will eat healthier or exercise more but it's hard to measure success without having a certain goal to meet.  I've learned more about goal setting from several BeautiControl conventions.  I'm still not good at them, but I've decided that it's time to try again.  So - instead of "resolutions", I am referring to my list for 2013 as goals.  

Here is what I hope to accomplish in the New Year:

1.  Declutter my House and Get Better Organized.  Now -- this is a tough one because the goal isn't very "measurable" so I've found help on this topic.  Laura, blog owner of "I'm an Organizing Junkie" has created a 52 Week Organizing Challenge.  She has a free printable to jot down 52 things to tackle.  The idea is one thing per week.  Because I can take parts of my home and make it into "bite size" jobs, I hope it will give me more confidence to get things done.  Plus, it always makes me feel like I accomplished something when I can cross it off a list.  Her blog has a lot of helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized.  

2.  Blog Better.  I've been really inconsistent.  Part of it is because I can never make up my mind about what to blog or when.  On January 1, I decided to blog on Sundays since it is usually the quietest day of the week for me.  I also created a list of blog topics to cover in the future and a schedule of what topics I will blog for the next several weeks.  This way, I can work ahead when I am able and hopefully have some blogs ready to go and submit when life is too crazy to get a blog together.

3.  Try New Teas.  Who says goals for the new year can't be fun?  I took advantage of a sale at Teavana about a week ago and have several more to try now.  I'll tell you about my tea adventures in future blogs.

4.  Begin a New Adventure.  About a year ago, I began to feel that I was to host events with women at my cabin.  After reading two books, talking with a few ladies, journaling, hearing several sermons, talking with my pastor, and talking with more ladies, I really feel that God is wanting me to step out and take action on this thought.  My first meeting is scheduled for January 27.  Pray for me as I try to follow God's lead on this one.

I think those are enough new goals for 2013.  It is important for me to not add so much that I get stressed over things.  One thing I've noticed with my goals is that all of them should actually help to reduce the stress in my life.  I believe that having a plan for my blogs and reducing clutter in my house will definitely reduce stress.  Tea is always relaxing and it's been proven that it is healthy for women to gather together for fellowship with each other.  I have an article about it . . . . somewhere.  When I conquer Goal #1, I'll find it again. :)

I pray that all of you have a healthy and blessed 2013.  I look forward to sharing with you as we all continue this journey we call "life".  

NOW -- What are YOUR goals/resolutions for 2013?  Let me know by commenting below.  I would love to read about them.

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