Friday, November 16, 2012

Easier Said Than Done

Over the past few months, as I thought about the things God was leading me to do, I had all kinds of visions.  I envisioned gatherings at my cabin that included tea and crafting, several discarded items given a new purpose, and a blog where I could share a bit of me and let others know that they aren't alone when life gets hard.  I even had this great idea for a ScrambledTea logo.  In my mind, things would work out perfectly.

The reality is . . . 

Putting my thoughts to paper to begin my ladies group isn't happening as quickly and as easily as I expected.

Time to craft in my "crafty coop" is less than minimal.

Creating my logo has been challenging.  I found some fonts to spell out ScrambledTea that I think work well.  My sister helped me give it a finished look by tweaking the font a bit and adding a graphic.  We both LOVED the graphic and I decided to buy it so I could use it legally.  Problem - the "license to use" forbids it to be used in a logo.  BUMMER!  Now as I search for graphics, I have to look for the clause about logos.  I've kind of run into a road block.  I have some options I need to pursue next, but I think I will wait until all of the hustle and bustle that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring subsides.

Most of all . . . blogging is harder that I thought.  It is partly why I've been "quiet" for a while.  When I journal and put my thoughts on paper, I can type anything I want.  If I'm upset about something, I can put it anything I want on paper and no one knows.  If anyone in my family is having a difficult time, I can spell it out on paper.  In "Bloggerland" . . . . it's a totally different story.  I want to be as transparent as I possibly can, but some things have to remain private and personal.  In the process of trying to express things so that you can relate and hopefully feel encouraged, I have to be careful that I don't hurt anyone in the process.  In other words, I have to carefully express thoughts in a way that doesn't point out or effect my family or anyone else who may be involved.  So these days I am faced with a challenge.  I want to share my journey with you but the journey isn't easy and I run into obstacles often.  All too often, I believe, we go through these and feel like we are the only ones.  How do I express in a blog that you aren't alone without sharing too much?  Yes, it is a challenge for sure.  It's the reason I want to have get togethers at my cabin.  At least that isn't on a page that could forever haunt someone for years to come.  Some of my readers, however, are too far away to participate in my cabin gatherings.  I still need to be able to be real online.  It isn't impossible, it's just tricky.  I think I'll get the hang of it eventually - or I'll just have to learn to focus that energy into a project that I can share with you.

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