Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A School Bus, A Garbage Truck and A Crazy Person

This morning I had planned to send my oldest off to school and then get ready for my day which includes a makeup party in the afternoon.  My morning changed quickly when the bus came and a certain son of mine wasn't quite ready to head out the door.  We all have those mornings, don't we?  I am blaming it on the fact that we have to get up before the sun.  It's just not an easy thing to do.  If you think I'm being easy on him, it's only because I am guilty of running late more often than he is so it is a little hard to lecture someone for something you are guilty of yourself.

Anyway . . . since this wasn't the first time I had to take him to school in the morning, we had the routine down.  I knew exactly what time to leave so we weren't there too early - or too late.  If we leave by 7:35 we get there "just right" (a little Goldilocks thrown in - did you get that?).  We left at 7:37.  Still not too late, but I forgot what a difference a minute (or 2) makes.

We just pulled out of the driveway and find myself behind a garbage truck that is moving slowly as it stops at the houses on our road to pick up the garbage.  To give you a visual, our road is one of those rural roads.  There are corn fields and farms as well as turns and hills.  It is pretty much a no passing zone the entire stretch of the road.  As the truck is slowing down for the next stop, I'm evaluating the road ahead to see if it is safe to pass.  I see a few headlights ahead and am not in the mood to risk a head on collision.  The truck stops and car behind me passes us.  He pulled over before the other cars were too close, but it still looked too close for me.  Needless to say, I didn't get to pass at this garbage stop.  By the time the cars went by, the truck was moving again.

Second Stop.  I see one van approaching.  I figure that as soon as he gets by, I can get around before the garbage man is finished with this stop.  Would you believe the van decided to stop and wait for the garbage truck?  Yep.  He waited.  The garbage man DID cross the street to get the garbage from this stop, so it was nice that he didn't run the guy down.  I will give him that, but I don't understand why he waited as if it were a school bus.  I am sure, by this time, that my "antics" in the car were quite interesting for anyone looking on.  I was okay with begin stopped by the truck once but now the clock is ticking and school will be starting on time - garbage truck or no garbage truck.

Stop Three.  A truck is coming.  Oh good.  He didn't stop.  After he goes by, I'm home free.  Wait.  No.  Don't stop.  No.  Keep going.  Go a little faster.  I'm literally waving for him to MOVE.  Finally!  The garbage can is still upside down in that garbage truck, I can GO.

I got around the garbage truck (finally) and we were still at the school on time.  It was on the late side of on time, but we made it.  There were even a couple of buses still dropping kids off.  I had a relaxing drive home but had to chuckle at myself as I thought of what in the world these other drivers were thinking of the crazy lady (who, by the way, still looked like she just got out of bed) in the red SUV.  If he misses the bus again, (which he better not <grin>), I'll be sure we leave by 7:35 so we are in FRONT of that garbage truck.

TEA TIME:   I'm enjoying English Breakfast Tea this morning from Bigelow Tea.  The teacup graphic is from The Graphics Fairy.  Don't you love it?

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