Monday, August 27, 2012

The School That God Built

The end of August always seems to give us warning signals.  Do you notice them?  The crisp, cool morning air.  That fresh morning air smell that reminds me a bit of the smell after a rainstorm, only this time of year there doesn't need to be a rainstorm.  These little changes in the air remind me that fall is coming and a new school year is about to begin.  I find myself with mixed emotions as this new school year has begun.

I'm excited to soon be able to unpack my favorite boots again along with the tote filled with fall clothes that provide a change in my wardrobe.  (I've always preferred my fall/winter wardrobe to my spring/summer one.)  I'm looking forward to pumpkins and mums in my front yard, pumpkin pie, and, hopefully, the return of Panera Bread's Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Don't forget that fall also marks the return of another series of Psych.  Does anyone else think they've kept us in suspense long enough?  :)

I'm not looking forward to an alarm clock that wakes me up before the sun.  I also feel a little anxious about the morning rush to catch the school bus.  Mostly, though, I'm struggling with the fact that I have a child beginning high school this year and that it will not be long until we are giving him keys to the car and then helping him choose a college.

I can't help but also feel a great sense of joy and anticipation as this upcoming school year causes me to reflect on the past few years.  Three years ago, after watching our son get more and more frustrated with school, we met with teachers and school administration to try to solve this problem. Their suggestion was to have him tested for ADD.  From my observations of him, I highly doubted that it was possible, but for the sake of helping us move on with school, I decided to get him evaluated.  We found an excellent psychologist in our area who, after several thorough tests, concluded that it wasn't ADD after all.  He was bored.  We tried to find ways to keep him challenged, but the school he attended wasn't equipped to make adjustments for him so we continued to do the best we could with the situation.  Our doctor did tell us that the best school for him would be a Magnet School that had something to do with engineering.  At that time, I wasn't really sure what that meant, but I did now that there was no such thing within 2 hours of us and I often wondered what to do.  Moving to an area with a Magnet School wasn't an easy option since I am married to a farmer.  I tried considering every possible option for our son to attend a school that would be a better fit, but there just didn't seem to be one.  Our son was frustrated and we were frustrated.  It made for an interesting, and quite stressful, couple of years.

Last fall, when our local VoTech school had an open house, we decided to take a tour and see what they had to offer.  That word "engineering" was still in the back of my mind and I was trying desperately to find it.  At a table, we found a flyer that told us there was a new school coming to the area that would be attached to this VoTech.  It was being referred to as a Magnet School.  There wasn't much information except that it was expected to open by the following school year.  We didn't know what the Magnet School would offer or if it was the right fit or not, but we knew we had to keep our eyes and ears open for any news.  News came months later and we got to attend an information night.  We learned that this would be a STEM school and it would open in time for our son to attend for his freshman year in the fall.  After attending the open house, we feel even more certain that this school is an answer to prayer.  I often call it "The School That God Built".  We didn't have to move.  My husband didn't have to find a new career.   Today is his first day.

The timing of all of this also amazes me. First of all, it was completed in time for his freshmen year. The earliest he could start.  God also proved His love and provision for me and my family in a time that I needed the reassurance that only He could give. We've had several challenges in our lives these past few years.  The struggles of three years ago have still been a struggle, and, in the meantime, more struggles piled on.  The load can get heavy after a while.  I'm sure many of you can relate.  I knew in my head that God was in control and I could trust Him but some days things were hard (or I was tired) and my faith would waver a bit.  Now I have a renewed sense of peace for the other uncertainties we face.  I know it won't always be easy but I'm learning to wait on Him. The waiting is the hard part.  Watching the pieces fall into place and knowing only God could . . . THAT is amazing.

By the way - you might like to know what STEM stands for.  It is:
Engineering <wink>,
How cool is THAT?

I don't have any photos for this blog, but I found a video on YouTube I wanted to share.  I hope it encourages you.

.Jehovah Jireh - Our Provider

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